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Characteristics. High load capacity. Excellent shock and misalignment resistance. Excellent contamination resistance. Very good friction and wear properties. Good chemical resistance. Very good dry wear performance. GAR-MAX® bearing sizes available according to DIN ISO 4379 for the replacement of traditional greased bronze bearings.


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GAR-MAX® APPLICATIONS Industrial – Steering linkages, hydraulic cylinder pivots, king pin bearings, boom lifts, scissor lifts, cranes, hoists, lift gates, backhoes ...

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Although GAR-MAX bearings are limited to surface velocities of 25 sfpm (0.13 m/s), they can be used at higher static loads that the GAR-FIL series. Their excellent compressive strength (60,000 psi – 415 N/mm²) and unique bearing surface permit their use at static loads to 30,000 psi (210 N/mm²) and dynamic loads as high as 20,000 psi (140 N ...

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Self-Lubricating Fiberglass Reinforced Plain Bearing - High load capacity - Excellent shock and misalignment resistance - Excellent contamination resistance - Very good friction and wear properties - Good chemical resistance - Very good dry wear performance - GAR-MAX® bearing sizes available according to DIN ISO 4379 for the replacement of ...

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